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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Gurdaspur Pincode / Post Office Search (GURDASPUR, Punjab)

Alma B.O 143517GurdaspurPunjab
Awankha B.O 143531GurdaspurPunjab
Babehali B.O 143530GurdaspurPunjab
Babri B.O 143529GurdaspurPunjab
Baknaur B.O 143534GurdaspurPunjab
Basrai B.O 143527GurdaspurPunjab
Behrampur S.O 143532GurdaspurPunjab
Beri B.O 143527GurdaspurPunjab
Bhadal B.O 143511GurdaspurPunjab
Bham B.O 143527GurdaspurPunjab
Bhambri B.O 143527GurdaspurPunjab
Bharial B.O 143525GurdaspurPunjab
Bhatoya B.O 143531GurdaspurPunjab
Bhattian S.O 143517GurdaspurPunjab
Bhojraj B.O 143519GurdaspurPunjab
Bhumbli B.O 143529GurdaspurPunjab
Bianpur-e B.O 143533GurdaspurPunjab
Bishankot B.O 143512GurdaspurPunjab
Buchenangal B.O 143512GurdaspurPunjab
Chak Sharif B.O 143528GurdaspurPunjab
Chaunta B.O 143533GurdaspurPunjab
Chhalle B.O 143530GurdaspurPunjab
Dalelpur B.O 143512GurdaspurPunjab
Dehriwal B.O 143518GurdaspurPunjab
Dhandal B.O 143516GurdaspurPunjab
Dodwan B.O 143532GurdaspurPunjab
Dorangla S.O 143526GurdaspurPunjab
Dostpur B.O 143526GurdaspurPunjab
Dugri B.O 143526GurdaspurPunjab
Fazula Chak B.O 143518GurdaspurPunjab
Gagowali B.O 143511GurdaspurPunjab
Galhri B.O 143526GurdaspurPunjab
Gazikot B.O 143530GurdaspurPunjab
Gaznipur -e B.O 143520GurdaspurPunjab
Ghorewah B.O 143517GurdaspurPunjab
Ghot B.O 143530GurdaspurPunjab
Gurdaspur H.O 143521GurdaspurPunjab
Hayat Nagar B.O 143521GurdaspurPunjab
Hemrajpur B.O 143521GurdaspurPunjab
Hoshiarpur H.O 146001GurdaspurPunjab
Islampur B.O 143526GurdaspurPunjab
Jagowal Bet B.O 143528GurdaspurPunjab
Jhabkra B.O 143525GurdaspurPunjab
Jharoli B.O 143533GurdaspurPunjab
Kahnuwan S.O 143528GurdaspurPunjab
Kaler Kalan B.O 143519GurdaspurPunjab
Kalichpur-e B.O 143531GurdaspurPunjab
Kalyanpur B.O 143519GurdaspurPunjab
Khojepur B.O 143521GurdaspurPunjab
Khunda B.O 143519GurdaspurPunjab
Khushalpur B.O 143604GurdaspurPunjab
Lakhanpal B.O 143530GurdaspurPunjab
Langah B.O 143519GurdaspurPunjab
Mullanwal B.O 143517GurdaspurPunjab
Nainakot B.O 143528GurdaspurPunjab
Pakhariwal B.O 143520GurdaspurPunjab
Pakiwan B.O 143604GurdaspurPunjab
Paniar B.O 143531GurdaspurPunjab
Passanwal B.O 143518GurdaspurPunjab
Pindarori B.O 143527GurdaspurPunjab
Sahowal B.O 143531GurdaspurPunjab
Saidipur B.O 143534GurdaspurPunjab
Sale Chak B.O 143526GurdaspurPunjab
Satkoha B.O 143518GurdaspurPunjab
Seikhwan B.O 143518GurdaspurPunjab
Sidhwan B.O 143529GurdaspurPunjab
Sohal S.O 143520GurdaspurPunjab
Tibber S.O 143529GurdaspurPunjab
Tibri S.O 143530GurdaspurPunjab
Tugalwala B.O 143527GurdaspurPunjab
Zaffarwal B.O 143519GurdaspurPunjab