About Gurdaspur

Located 10 Kms away from the India Pakistan international border, Gurdaspur is a city in the state of Punjab. Gurdaspur is the district headquarters of the Gurdaspur district and all the administrative functions of the district are carried out from this city. Geographically, the city lies in the center of the district and lies on the north side of the state. Gurdaspur is situated between the Beas and the Raavi Rivers and it lies on the Amritsar Jammu Highway. The city is at a distance of 36 kms from Pathankot and from Batala the city is around 32 kms away. The head offices of all the departments in the district can be found in Gurdaspur.

About Gurdaspur
Gurudwara Shri Dera Baba Nanak

Brief History of Gurdaspur

Gurudaspur which is one of the important cities in Punjab was founded in the 17th century by Guriyaji Mahant. Guriyaji formed this city from the land he bought from the Jats. Earlier history of this city is not known to anyone. It is said that this city was ruled by Mughals for a long time. Malik Sikander defeated the Mughals and brought the city under the control of Sikh gurus. Sikh Gurus like Guru Hargobind, Guru Gobind Singh and Guru Nanak Dev have made significant contributions to the development of this city. During partition, the Shakargarh Tehsil part of the Gurdaspur district was transferred to Pakistan. The remaining part of the district remained with India. The muslim population of the district migrated to Pakistan and the Hindus and Sikhs from the Shakargarh Tehsil and Sialkot came to Gurdaspur crossing the bridge on Raavi River.Gurdaspur played an important role during the invasion of Pakistan over Kashmir in 1948. It proved to be the only viable route to reach Kashmir. Read More...............................

Geography and Climate of Gurdaspur

Gurdaspur is loacted at falls on the foothills of Gurdaspur. On the north latitude, the Gurdaspur falls between 32.0333°North latitude and 75.40°East longitude. On its north, it shares it boundaries with the district of Pathankot. And in the north east side flows the Beas River. Gurdaspur is bordered by the Hoshiarpur district in the south east side while the Amritsar district falls on its south west side. And finally in the North West side the district shares border with Pakistan. The total area of the Gurdaspur city is about 1,369 km2 while that of the entire Gurdaspur district is around 2,610 km2 .

Gurdaspur in Punjab
Map of Gurdaspur

Gurdaspur experiences mainly two seasons which are summer and winter. The months of summer season are from April to July and winters months are from November to March. Summer months are very hot as the temperature soars up to 44 ° Celsius. The months of May and June experience dust storms and when the south west monsoons arrive, rain falls in the months of July and August. Gurdaspur gets 70% of its annual rainfall in these two months. The winter months are cool experiences rainfall during January and February. Read More........................

Culture in Gurdaspur

The culture of Gurdaspur is fascinating. Punjabi is the local language and is spoken by majority of the people. Local people follow traditions and practices that are captivating and unique to them. The local culture is reflected in the festivals celebrated by the locals and also through the events and attractions of the Gurdaspur district. Tourists get mesmerized by the traditions and culture of the local people.
People from all religions, cast and creed live together in harmony. All religious festivals and events are celebrated with equal enthusiasm and spirit. People from all religions come together to participate in the events making it colorful, fun and enjoyable.

Healthcare Services in Gurdaspur

Hospitals in GurdaspurBeing healthy is very important to carry on with the day to day activities. Any issues with overall well being must be addressed by an appropriate medical professional. Hospitals (both private and public sector) and medical professionals play a vital and contemporary role in providing the optimal health care services to the people of Gurdaspur. Today the people are well informed and the awareness is making them choose best hospitals for their treatment. From the year 2001, the health care infrastructure in Gurdaspur has taken significant change along with the rest of the state. Due to demand, the small clinics are being transformed into big multi specialty hospitals. Earlier people had to go to Delhi for a major treatment. But now, treatments for most of the diagnosis is available in Gurdaspur.

Kiran Medicare Hospital
Address: Amritsar Pathankot Highway, Dina Nagar, Gurdaspur - 143531, Near Police Station
Contact No: +(91)-7837230066 , +(91)-9418100109 , +(91)-9779094977, +(91)-1875-224488

City Hospital
Address: Gurdaspur Ho, Gurdaspur - 143521, Near Bus Stand

Deep Multispeciality Hospital
Address: Gurdaspur Ho, Gurdaspur - 143521, Opp Ladies Club View Map
Contact No: +(91)-9814949496, +(91)-1874-244879

Dr Sardari LAL Hospital

Address: G T Road, Gurdaspur, Gurdaspur Ho, Gurdaspur - 143521, Near Old Subzi Mandi
Contact No: +(91)-9417603625, +(91)-1874-242716

Guru Nanak Multi Speciality Hospital
Address: Ghoman, Gurdaspur - 143514
Contact No: +(91)-9872809039, +(91)-1872-265428, +(91)-1872-266200

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Hospitals in Gurdaspur

Shopping in Gurdaspur

Gurdaspur is still a bit old fashioned when it come to shopping. The culture of Malls and shopping in the malls is yet to come in Gurdaspur. One can find retail shops on the Batala road, Sadar bazaar, GT road and Khanuwan road. From latest technology gadgets to fashion clothing everything is available in Gurdaspur.

Vishal Mega Mart
Address: CT Palace, Batala Road, Gurdaspur, Punjab 143521
Phone: 093161 55411

DCM Retail Store
Address: Sadar Bazar, Near Bata Chowk, Gurdaspur, Punjab 143521
Phone: 0187 424 6464

Malhotra Cloth House
Address: Main Bazaar, Gurdaspur, Punjab 143521
Phone: 098761 84787

Tourist Destinations in Gurdaspur

Profile of Gurdaspur
Batala Dera Sahib

The city of Gurdaspur was named after Mahant Guriya Ji. There are many important places around the city. Kalanaur which lies 26 kms from the city is the place where Emperor Akbar was crowned. Dinanagar, the summer capital of Maharaj Ranjith Singh is just 12 kms away from the city of Gurdaspur. The woolen mill of Dhariwal which is popular lies at a distance of 12 kms from the city. The city borders the Hoshiarpur, Pathankot, Amritsar and the Kapurthala districts. The holy place Gurdas Nangal which is related to the battle between the Mughals and the Banda Bahadur lies seven kilometers to the west of the city. At a distance of 10 Kms from the city lies a gurudwara that has an inscription in the entrance describing the battle between the Mughals ans the Banda Bahadur. It is also the place where the famous massacre of the Sikhs took place in the year 1746.

Transportation in Gurdaspur

One can reach Gurdaspur via railways and road. Gurdaspur is well connected through road than railways.Trains run from Amritsar and Pathankot to Gurdaspur on daily basis. Two mail trains Jammu Tawi that runs from Jammu to Tata Nagar and Pathankot Delhi express have stops in Gurdaspur.
Gurdaspur is well connected via National Highway 15. NH 15 is one of the major highways in Western and Northwestern India. It connects Gurdaspur to Kandla in Gujarath. This highway is 1,526 Kms long and it passes through Amritsar, Gurdaspur, Kotkapura, Bhatinda, Bikaner, Barmer and Jaisalmer. This highway gets terminated in Jaisalmer. NH 11 starts from there.

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